Beating Google Panda: Part 4

Beating Google Panda: Part 4

Beating Google Panda: Part 4


These are the final ten recent updates to Google’s search algorithms. This and the previous three articles are an interpretation of the SEO Team at Zheta International and do not reflect in any ways the view of Google.

Panda Update

Google Panda is a search filter that allows content to be sifted out of the search results due to being unsubstantial in content. This Panda update runs periodically, and is one of numerous factors Google uses to rank pages.
The most recent Panda update seems to have refreshed the data to make it more accurate and sensitive to recent changes within content. Panda is an important update for SEO’s, as it encourages them to produce higher quality content, whilst encouraging them to refrain from filling their websites with heavy advertisements and irrelevant content that will be penalised.

Link Evaluation

Google are switching off a method of link analysis, by which backlinks are used to determine the topic of a particular website or blog. the theme/topic of the website where the backlink has been placed, the anchor text and title tag of the link, and any keywords in the link were all previously used to determine a link, yet now it is unclear which of these parameters are still being implemented. 

Link building is decreasing as an SEO strategy, as Google edges further away from the strategy that Black Hat SEO companies seem to favour. Perhaps this change in link evaluation will determine whether search result relevancy is increased, whilst preventing abuse and spam within these results. It seems highly likely that it is a change in the assessment of the anchor text that has been altered this time, as in the past Google’s reliance on anchor text has caused some problems, particularly with Google Bombing. Google will now be turning to the other aspects of a link to determine the topic of the website and the keywords it should be ranked for. Now, relevancy between the page content and its title tag will determine what title is displayed in the Search Results, and so the anchor text seems no longer relevant.

SafeSearch Update

Google has quite simply updated its search algorithms that will get rid of irrelevant adult content.

Spam Update

Google may be concentrating its attention on social media, yet its spam filters are as active and as relevant as ever. It is up to SEO’s to continue to generate high quality content to avoid such spam filters.

Improved Local Results

Google has improved its localisation yet again, so now the search engine will know your exact location, as well as the area around you, and will refine your search results accordingly. This is a critical time to begin utilising Geo Tagging and localisation rules to aid businesses and websites in being found by the right people in the desired locations.  Now, Google can interpret when both documents and queries are local to a user.

Flight Search on Mobile

Flight Search makes arranging and booking flights easier and faster than ever before, and now, flights from the US can even be searched on a mobile device. If a search query is entered, a table will display available flights, with brief details on their duration and prices. The dates on the page can be adjusted to adjust your results, and you can click on any result to see more information or to book your trip.Flight Search for mobile, currently available on Android and iOS devices, offers all of the benefits of a desktop search, including fast results, filters by price, airline and duration, and even a calendar that can determine what dates offer the lowest prices.

Improved Health Searches

Google is searched every day for users looking for information on particular disorders, diseases, and symptoms that they may be experiencing.  Now, Google has created a list of search results of possibly related health conditions to further refine a particular search query. The list of health conditions is aggregated from what exists on the web about the symptoms that a user has queried. Of course, these results are not authorised by doctors or medical experts, so should never be taken as solid medical advice, but as useful information.

Better Related Searches for Images

A new update to related search links means that related search links (the row of blue links at the top of the image search results page) will now be more visual. A user can hover over one of these related search links and can preview the images within this extended search result. If this related search link is clicked on, then these results will then generate their own related links, giving a greater variety of results that are equally as relevant.

Upcoming Concert Dates

Users have been able to search for music videos, biographies and news about their favourite bands or artists, and now Google is enhancing this search even further by allowing users to see upcoming concert dates, as part of the search results, if these concerts are local to you. If a concert will be played in a few months, then the concert dates will be listed under the official website of the band or artist.
For SEO’s who wish to add events listings to the search results of their website, then rich snippets markup should be added to the webpages. 

As these changes are seamlessly integrated into the existing search engine, day to day users are unlikely to notice the change, however, website developers and SEO’s should expect to see their search results changing. Do you think that these changes are improving Google’s search experience? How are they changing your own personal user experience? 


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