Creating a New Business Identity

Creating a New Business Identity

Creating a New Business Identity


“A professional company that is about to create an identity brand for its client should invest a generous amount of time and effort in realising the type of business the client has, and the likelihood of existing competitors in the field.” (The Secret Behind a Good Website)

Creating a new business or personal identity is so much more than simply creating a logo that is pleasing on the eye.  Branding involves every aspect of design, particularly when creating a new identity for a website that will also be used on print media.  The branding should be a reflection of its corporation, or business, professional or individual service, and a good logo designing company should be able to create a unique identity, no matter how specific the requirements of the client are.

Style creates an identity: as soon as one sees the brand, they should be able to identify the type of business, or service offered, through the typeface, any symbols or images, design and colour scheme, and the name of the business itself. A corporate business logo’s style will differ greatly from a more casual logo for an individual entity (such as a freelancer).

A good logo designing company should be able to deliver on all of these points and more, and you as the client should know exactly what you are looking for before you approach any companies. There are simply thousands of professional and freelance logo designers out there, so how can you determine which one is right for you and your business? There are a number of important points to consider when beginning the (often inexhaustible) search through designing companies for your new identity.

1)      Do they have a portfolio? A branding portfolio is a good basis to begin a search for a new identity: a portfolio provides visual proof of the company’s capabilities. How are their designs? Do they suit your needs and personal tastes? Are they professional? Importantly, do they have existing branding that reflects a similar business identity to that which you would like to adopt?

2)      Are they involved in any other projects besides logo design? Do they create websites, print media, and advertising? Have they won any awards? Do they have any positive client testimonials?

3)      What is there design process? Do they provide initial ideas and sketches, and do you as the client have any authority over the design work? Are you provided with regular feedback and provided with different design options? How are the prices and packages offered?

4)      Can the design company provide a versatile logo that can be adapted to different colour schemes and settings? Will a logo’s identity function as well on websites, business cards, stationary, packaging…?

5)      Does the design company have Terms and Conditions, and a refunds policy? Professionalism plays a key part in the branding process, and a refunds policy can ensure that assets are protected in case a project falls through.

Another way to assess a design company before you settle is to take a look at their own branding. How is their website and corporate identity designed? Does it suit their own company needs, is it professional-looking? A great logo when combined with a great company name and an idea of business values ensures that a brand receives recognition, and allows the business to grow. Does the design company’s branding meet its own requirements? If they have taken extreme care of their own branding, it is reassured that their clients will be given the same treatment.

Do your research. Branding is one of the most driving forces behind any business, so it must be executed perfectly, and be able to adapt to change circumstances and design trends.


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