Ecommerce in Malta Doubles

Ecommerce in Malta Doubles

Ecommerce in Malta Doubles


In 2008, NSO (National Statistics Office) Malta conducted a survey analysing ICT usage in Maltese households. Results showed that Internet access amongst the Maltese stood at a staggering rate of 59%. Another 50% of the population, within the 16-74 age group, claimed to have ordered or purchased goods online in the twelve months prior to the survey.

In 2009, the same study was carried out. An increase of 8% was shown amongst the Maltese citizens, whereby 58% stated that they have ordered and or otherwise purchased goods online in the twelve months prior to the survey.

The same study was conducted on 30 March 2011, which had again marked a percentage increase in the number of Maltese who use the Internet for purchasing purposes. 72% of the respondents claimed to have access to the Internet, 65% of whom use the Internet mainly for shopping, sending and receiving emails, researching information, browsing for products or services, and reading newspapers.

Findings from the 6th ecommerce Forum, as organised by the MCA (part of the ecommerce Household survey), showed that online purchases from Maltese websites have doubled over the previous years. The aim of the survey was essentially to give a clear indication of the level of the Internet and ecommerce usage across Malta and Gozo, and even more, the potential for growth. Read the full report on ecommerce use in Malta.

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