Establish your marketing niche

Establish your marketing niche

Establish your marketing niche


Good SEO attracts Visitors to your Website. But Good Design keeps them Hooked on your Website.

Web design is all about adopting the right strategies and tactics that will entice visitors to your web site, hence creating a web experience that is successful both for you and for your visitors. Rapid changes in technology however entail innovative thinking, flexibility on the part of the web designer, SEO accessibility, and equally important, content writing.

This article will highlight and possibly amplify upon the principles of good design, and why it should be the number one focus of any web design company. Creating a user-centred design process means that you should first focus on your people: identifying their needs, their goals, their ways of working, and their environments.

User-centred design means that you are using and adapting the right technology to help people achieve their goals in different ways that will especially work for them. This brings to mind, for instance, the website's accessibility for iPads by using large and clearer display icons that fit in the whole website, thus making it visible onto iPads.
If you want your visitors to stay on, and return to your website, it's imperative to design it in a way that is accessible for these devices. 

A Good Website needs both Web Design and SEO
Whilst SEO helps to generate traffic, and to invite more people to click on and to visit your site, design is what actually grabs and retains the attention of the site visitor.  It should be your goal then to develop a useful and accessible website for all your audiences. The words 'reader-focused writing', 'accessibility', 'user-centred approach', and 'simple, concise language', are all aspects of user-focused design.
In short:
1. Great SEO enables you to rank at the top of search engines.

2. SEO gets potential customers to click on and browse through your website.

3. The customer would ultimately move on to buying a product, filling out a contact form, or picking up the phone – and all this, through effective design.

This means however that the visitor is likely to read more about your company and your products or services offered if the website is user-friendly, accessible and attracts their interests. This is what might eventually turn the potential customer into a lead or a sale.  The user will hence be able to look at and interact well with your website in a straightforward, logical manner.

A Website is like a Conversation
Studies by Janice G. Redish, Coney and Steehouder, amongst others, have shown how websites have their own personality and are, really, part of a conversation. By sharing the website’s personality with your site visitors, you are setting the tone for your side of the conversation. That is why websites have different personalities – as is conveyed by their colours, themes, visual style, graphics and images used, typography, writing style, musical ambience, and so on.

Zheta International recognises the quintessential need for innovative and solid web design that emphasises on creativity and on innovative solutions that will engender new ideas and stimulate original thinking. Developing a different concept for each project, Zheta International strives to treat all of its websites individually, each of which has its own personality that sets it apart from the rest, thereby going beyond the ordinary perception.

Why should I focus on my Website’s Design?
- It plays a predominant role in changing potential clients to leading regulars.

- Good design will enrich the user’s online experience (as well as your experience).

- It gives your website a personality and accordingly, it cultivates a sense of ‘human bond’ or a link between you and your clients, which will hence enable you to maintain a solid relationship with your existing clients and attract new ones.


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