Evolution of Website Developers

Evolution of Website Developers

Evolution of Website Developers


Investing in talented website developers is not simply a case of hiring those with a flickering of talent and then sourcing them out to the most suitable positions. Website developers tend to fall within one of two categories: the risk-takers and the ‘safe bets’.

A good website developer has a general idea of what he or she wishes to achieve in his life, and having advanced into a promising career at an early age, he or she is probably looking for security, in terms of a steady job and good quality of life for a family. Both the safe and risk-taking website developers want these same goals, however, the gamblers do not always wish to be tied down by managers and strict working hours, and tend to float around the market more, finding new technologies and trends to which they are able to evolve. Others may cautiously invest in numerous companies, to stay ahead of the game and to ensure greater long-term success for themselves, instead of falling at new technological hurdles. Some website developers too change options freely, walking away from a situation that displeases them.

Whether it is the investor or the website developer who has the final say, there is a constant power balance, a ‘survival of the fittest’ in a highly saturated and competitive industry that has become one of the world’s most powerful in less than fifty years.

Most website developers are aware of the friction within their industry, and quickly become wise to it. Human capital is kept secure by a balance of those developers who take risks, and those that do not. All realise the true powers of the Internet, and do not wish to fall to the bottom of its food chain.

Not only are there various risks for the developers, the investors too have to understand these risks: such as discovering any weak links before they become toxic. In development talent searching, it is not always clear from the beginning who can and cannot make the grade, so therefore the investors must be assured that any incompetence can be caught early. The developers must be thought of as risk categories, and the investor can take whatever gamble he wishes on them, depending on his own capital, success, and personal motives. Talents are offered scholarships and work experience as the investors seek to build relationships with the website developers before, during, and after employment. A good website developer will often praise a technology or company long after he has left it.


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