Keeping it Fresh (Part 1)

Keeping it Fresh (Part 1)

Keeping it Fresh (Part 1)


Time and money has been carefully invested in a branding identity, a stunning and user-friendly website full of rich and engaging content and a steadfast SEO campaign. Yet, one year down the line and it seems that the website has become frozen in time. Nothing has changed, there are no new leads or customers.


Keeping your website fresh is key to letting your existing and potential customers know that you are indeed still in business and up to date with the latest products and services on the market. The same way that no-one would wish to invest in an outdated policy, no-one will be interested in engaging with a website whose products and services do not reflect the current market trends.

But keeping up to date with trends and technologies aside, why should you change and update your website content regularly?

So that Search Engines can find and rank it

Search engines look for those websites that update regularly, as these are the ones that are likely to have the most relevant and unique content for the searchers. If search engines fail to find new content to index for a long period of time, your website is certain to drop in the search engine rankings, losing out on crucial web traffic.

To let your customers know that you are operating successfully

A company website that has not updated its news for several months or years could give the wrong impression; either that they are struggling for business or worse, that they are no longer in business at all. A regular news bulletin lets all of your customers know that you are indeed still active and can always offer them something new.

To attract more customers

The more up to date and relevant your website content, the more visible it will be on search engines, and the more inclined your customers will be to share it, linking it on social media or perhaps even spreading it via word of mouth. Give your customers share-worthy content to get your website noticed and remembered.

In Part 2, we'll discuss how you can keep your website fresh and updated, without taking valuable time away from running your business. 


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