Keeping it Fresh (Part 2)

Keeping it Fresh (Part 2)

Keeping it Fresh (Part 2)


In our previous blog Keeping it Fresh (Part 1) we discussed why you should update your website. Now you know why you should be doing it, here are a few ways in which you can keep your website updated without taking up valuable time away from your business:

Add some testimonials

If you have a solid list of reputable clients, why not ask them to supply you with a testimonial each time you complete a project with them? Plenty of positive feedback is an enticement to potential customers too, many of whom judge on testimonials and other feedback that is publicly available.

Include a news section or blog (but only if you will keep them updated)

Incorporating a news, blog or both is a perfect way to update content on a regular basis, even if perhaps nothing particular is happening within your company. Share relevant and up to date industry news and local insights, as these will all help you to establish a reputation as a company that is keeping abreast with its industry. 

Create image or video galleries

Adding new images to galleries or uploading videos onto your website is almost effortless, even just replacing those outdated homepage banners.

Focus on the homepage

Simply updating your homepage banners will give your customers the impression that the website is being tended to regularly. Upon seeing an updated homepage, users will be more inclined to delve further into the website to see what else has changed.

Add new pages

Adding new relevant pages is always beneficial to your search engine rankings. If you company expands, expand your website along with it. Add pages for the executive team, the company history, a timeline or perhaps add a section for resources or downloads.


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