Marketing - Measure Your Website's Success

Marketing - Measure Your Website's Success

Marketing - Measure Your Website's Success


What Are Marketing Metrics?

Marketing metrics are specific statistics by which businesses and websites measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, through how many new customers are generated and how well return on investment is coping. These statistical trends allow for comparison and objectivity within a website's content. Depending on the business type and sector, marketing metrics are set with these goals in mind, targeting specific clients within a predetermined time frame.

Print advertising, newspapers, flyers and telemarketing are strong contenders to advertise your brand new corporate website, but what better way is there to market a website than through the power of the Internet? There are countless metrics that can be used to monitor the progress of your website at an executive level, allowing you to adjust your website's content or advertising, depending on what your detailed progress reports are telling you.

Perhaps the most important metrics are your website grade, and of course, website traffic. Almost everybody understands website traffic and grades: a website is rated from 1 to 100, against a database of numerous other websites in the same field). Website traffic is the total number of unique visitors to your website over a certain period of time. Google Analytics is one very popular tool that allows you to track your website visitors daily, monthly, and yearly, and the summary can be filtered to provide information of length of visit, country or location of visitor, and which pages were viewed.

New customers, known as unique visitors, are of high importance to a website's expanding reputation and long term success. While repeat visitors express that your website has interesting and memorable content, they do not add greatly to leads or sales. New customers provide new leads, and these leads are one of the most important website metrics to consider in business. No new customers mean no new leads, and a halt or steady decline in business sales.

These items are the basic marketing metrics that every business website owner should be aware of. These metrics provide the very best in modern marketing, and can be monitored with a few simple clicks from the computer, as opposed to lengthy surveys, telemarketing and time-consuming research. Being aware of these trends, you can push your website's potential to its maximum, ensuring a greater success against competitors.

These SEM tools are vital for the website owner: he who is aware of certain trends within his metrics can better alter and upgrade them, and can monitor these changes to ensure that they are allowing for the progression of his business, increasing sales potential. At Zheta International, we provide personal consultancy services, in which we discuss these marketing tools and strongly recommend our clients to utilise them. Our clients are provided with the tools to monitor these marketing metrics on a regular basis: website traffic, customer acquisition costs, searchability and other trends, to gain a wider overview of their business's strengths and weaknesses within marketing. Zheta International assures its clients not to underestimate these marketing tools. We believe that a website does not exist without the essential marketing tools: our fundamental aim is a true return on your investment with us.

Check back next week for more information about marketing metrics in the second blog, What Are Visitor Metrics?


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