Why Should you Create a Blog?

Why Should you Create a Blog?

Why Should you Create a Blog?


There are many more reasons than simply SEO for starting up a new blog.  A blog can become a very useful tool for any advanced website, when it is maintained and utilised properly. Whilst many businesses consider blogging to be a purely social phenomena, without any real merit or potential, the power of blogging is clear.

There are many reasons to consider setting up a blog. Blogs can be linked to Facebook pages, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media websites, and can draw in a much greater audience to your website. User traffic builds up as snippets of blog articles draw in the users, and then website traffic builds as they clamour onto the actual website to read more. Your brand strengthens, your reputation widens, and very quickly more customers equal more sales, increasing your business revenue.

Writing a blog promoting your latest products, special offers, or the latest industry news allows users to be constantly engaged by the website: they can stay updated with the business in real time, and a regular back-and-forth communication can begin. Building relationships with clients is often a hard adaptation across the web, but blogging makes this whole process much easier, and much more informal.

Customers can now directly ask questions, provide comments and feedback on the blog articles, and even make their own suggestions, further stimulating them to keep reading and commenting, and enhancing a new bond of trust that develops between the business and the customer. Instead of filling out an enquiry form with no idea who is the recipient, users can leave feedback on a specific source, or on an employee’s specific blog article.

The content of the blog, including its layout, themes, authenticity, as well as its level of writing skills are all crucial elements to its success. Updated regularly, a blog should contain up-to-date, researched information that is both captivating and, just as important:  error-free. You can advertise a new product range, or provide links to brands and affiliations. If nothing else, a well designed, well written, informative and engaging blog greatly compliments an advanced website. If you can enhance your brand with minimal costs and at less than a few hours a day, why not?

Blogging of course, does greatly improve SEO. Regular traffic, comments and feedback will ensure that the Search Engines detect your blog articles on a regular basis. Links between the blog articles and your website will increase the website’s rankings: your brand will soon be dominating the first page of Google!

Of course, blogging has advantages for the bloggers too. Regular blogging by members of a company allows them to gain extra knowledge as they research the latest ideas, technologies and back up their content with their own personal skills and experiences. Blogging can also provide a stimulating new activity in the workplace, both within the actual planning and writing stages of creating this new content. Their expertise and ever expanding knowledge prepares them for any user’s questions. You and your brand are viewed as a true professional.


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