The Bedroom Developer –  Risk it?

The Bedroom Developer –  Risk it?

The Bedroom Developer – Risk it?


You are a new business looking to build a brand new website: one that will be accessible, functional, and of course affordable. You would like results immediately, and would like your website to be live as soon as possible. It is very easy to fall into the trap of the quick and easy website developer: someone who works in his spare time from home, or a friend of a friend who was suggested to you.

While this may provide a good short term solution, let’s look at it long term. You require a customized website that will bring in your target audience and boost sales, and for this to be achieved, you require several things:

Firstly, your website developer must be experienced: a painter for example cannot play a violin. The website developer should be able to provide the best website to fit the client’s specific needs, offering a complete package through usability, SEO, consistency, and overall professionalism.  Your developer should be able to meet with you regularly to provide solutions to what may or may not work within your website. Good communication is vital in producing a website that is most importantly user friendly - a poorly laid-out, cluttered website will draw prospective clients away.  All of the above criteria would be vested in one person if a bedroom developer is contracted to build a website, while at Zheta International we have a specialised team for each task, wherein every employee specialises and excels in his area, thus producing a much higher quality website.

The developer working from his home is likely to cut corners where he can, to save himself time and costs, and so these “off the shelf” solutions always prove a risk. Your developer should be working for the success of his clients, not simply for his own profit. A professional web developer guarantees dedication: an assurance that a project will be seen through to completion without any hidden costs. A complete package is provided – from building and maintaining a functional, striking website design, to advertising, hosting, SEO, and other services. The content too must be carefully checked for errors. A professional website is one in which the page layout, text formatting, image quality and sizes, links, and menus are all consistent, and in which there are smooth transitions from one page to the next.

It is vital to consider the future of your website. Cutting corners initially may seem like a good idea, but you can end up burdening much higher costs, and waiting longer for your website if the initial project is not completed and has to be restarted with a new, professional developer.


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