The Benefits of SSL

The Benefits of SSL

The Benefits of SSL


SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is an encryption technology that was created by Netscape to provide an encrypted connection between your web server and a user’s web browser. This encrypted connection allows sensitive information to be transmitted without the disk of data theft or forgery. SSL certificates are used by millions of online businesses allowing them to secure their websites and therefore their users’ trust. Knowing that the information you place online is safe is of particular importance in the case of websites which transmit information such as addresses, contact details, passwords and credit card details.

SSL allows data to be passed across the web securely and in a way that only its recipient can understand it. SSL also provides authentication, meaning you can guarantee that your information is being sent to the correct server and not a criminal one. If data flowing across an SSL session is altered in any way or hacked, the SSL will detect it and prevent the corrupted data from being passed.

Browse websites like Paypal, Gmail, Amazon and more and you will know that these websites are using SSL as they have visible signs; a padlock icon or a green address bar.

So, why should you use SSL?

Client Trust:

Not everyone knows what an SSL certificate is or how it works, but most users are familiar with the safety of the green padlock icon. If you are browsing online, before you input any sensitive information such as your credit card, check for the SSL certificate and keep yourself and your personal information safe.

Phishing Protection: 

Phishing is an attempt to acquire sensitive information online such as usernames, passwords credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity. As hackers don’t have an SSL certificate, your users will be far less likely to fall into a trap as they will be looking for the ‘trust indicators’ such as the green address bar, and upon finding it absent suspicions will be aroused.

Improved Google Ranking:

Google has confirmed that having an SSL certificate on your business website will give a welcome boost to your search engine ranking. 

Protect Against Credit Card Fraud: 

SSL assures you that confidential information like your users’ names and credit card numbers are transmitted in an encrypted manner so they can't be read as they travel across communication lines.


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