The Ecommerce Solution

The Ecommerce Solution

The Ecommerce Solution


In studies carried out by the NSO (National Statistics Office) between 2008 and early 2011, it was uncovered that 50% of the Maltese population (from 16 to 74) have on at least one occasion, bought goods online. A year later, this had increased by 8%. Ecommerce in Malta Doubles

So, why is ecommerce becoming so popular? With growing internet usage and accessibility, more and more businesses are turning to ecommerce, instead of taking the time to rent or purchase a shop, along with all of the necessary permits, furniture, and payments. An online shop is hassle free, with greater control of stock, returns and payments through an online system. Ecommerce provides a business with a much greater outreach to customers, as en ecommerce website can be viewed from anywhere in the world. There are also no restrictions with opening hours or lengthy queues (particularly during the Christmas period, in which ecommerce really shines), and customers can browse through the great range of products quickly and in the comfort of the home.Time does not have to be wasted browsing shelves that do not interest you, and you can bookmark any products that particularly catch your eye.

For the business owners themselves, the advantages are even greater, as with an online shop only one or two people need to manage the website: most often the business owners themselves, and its maintenance is relatively brief, compared to the running, supervising and cleaning of a premises. There is no need to hire or pay extra employees, and products that were once only available to a select few are suddenly accessible to anyone at any time, regardless of country, time zone or date of the year.

If you have an online shop and your competitor does not, you have the competitive advantage, and can guarantee the more cost-effective business. 

Particularly during the festive season, ecommerce can have many more advantages over the traditional corner shop or department store. Customers can buy products or items, and then have them packaged, personally decorated and sent directly to the recipient, instead of having to package and post it themselves. Paypal too provides a safer and more secure method of online payment, without worrying about the theft of personal or account details. At a time of the year so focused on consumerism, supply really must meet the demand, and for this, the efficiency of ecommerce is second to none.

In Malta in particular, there is a huge potential for growth, offering once small local businesses the power to expand and sell worldwide.


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