The importance of an interactive website

The importance of an interactive website


The number of resources online is escalating at an exponential rate, increasing competition between companies who launch their website to the public.  Thus, to guarantee user engagement it’s vital that your website is as interactive as possible.  Below are a couple of points to ponder upon so as to ensure the success of your own website.

Captivating content

When reading online content, users look for articles or material which makes them reflect or question certain point of views.  Your content must captivate their interest and urge them to look further into certain matters, or stir their curiosity to browse further into your website to get more information.  If you fail to achieve this effect, rest assured that they will resort to visiting the more alluring websites of your competitors.

Social Networking Media

Promoting your business on social networking media such as Facebook and twitter would considerably boost up the level of interactivity on your website.  Several companies have registered an increase in sales and positive user comments upon introducing their company to Facebook or twitter.  Social networking websites are an excellent way of keeping users engaged since they would be able to post comments and feedbacks while keeping up to date about your company’s latest news.


Text-based sites which lack multimedia resources such as pictures or videos are an immediate turn-off.  The more visual your site is, the more it will hook the user.  Including just the right video to grab the user’s attention will guarantee a loyal user-engagement which is precisely the point why you would have created the website in the first place.

Polls, questions, feedback

Polls, questions and feedback forms have increasingly grown in popularity.  They are also a magnet for user participation, since countless would be intrigued to know what other people think about certain issues they would have voted or commented on.  Likewise, they are sure to revisit your website so as to check on any new developments.

Don’t let all your efforts go to waste due to lack of proper interactive content.  At Zheta International, we come up with creative concepts with effective features, which are bound to hook users to return to your website countless times so as to quench their curiosity.


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