The Importance of Unique Content

The Importance of Unique Content

The Importance of Unique Content


Compelling website content entices users to delve further into your website to discover more about your company, its products and its services, but developing high quality and unique content comprises a much wider spectrum than many website owners realise.

Website content is in essence: text, images, sounds, videos and animations. The website’s content is its driving force, cementing your company as a professional and reliable entity that understands its products and its target audience.
Creating a compelling website means more than simply providing a company profile, a list of services and product portfolio, an executive team and a contact page. There are countless companies and individuals, who are working within the same industry as you and offering the same products and services. So, naturally, the way these items are presented in terms of content is bound to have some parallels. However, simply writing content in this way, how do you stand out from your competitors? How can you make sure that you are the website of choice for that particular product?

Content is not just for Search Engines

As the focus on content is driven more and more towards SEO, the potential for unique and engaging content is being lost in a sea of what needs to be written to rank within search engines. Whilst search engines’ positive results will grant your website steady traffic, it will be unlikely to promote calls to action and generate leads in the way that powerfully written and distinctive content will. Search engines filter out content that is duplicated, and so creating a unique and relevant statement in your content should be your priority.

It isn’t what you say; it’s how you say it

Responsive design and development will attract a visitor into your website, but the content will keep them browsing and encourage them to offer you feedback in terms of sales or enquiries. Copying text from other source, the over-use of common phrases and inserting too many key words inefficiently will affect the quality of your content, and could even lead to it being penalised by search engines.

Welcome the chance to go beyond your competitors, to say something new, or to give a new outlook on why we should be compelled to purchase a particular product or service, not because we actually need it. Injecting personality and sharing personal experiences are highly effective and rewarding: mission statements, vision statements, messages from company directors and staff…all provide the user with exactly what he wants; to know the face behind the brand. Testimonials are another great source for unique content, as every client will have a different vision of what you had offered and delivered them.

With the same indulgence that you took to create a unique website design that made a bold statement, do the same with your content. Take a unique perspective; add new insights or an element of extra interest to add value to an article, a blog, or even a press release.  Use outside and well known sources from the public domain to enhance your existing content, whilst assuring users that it is relevant and accurate.

Bring together what is necessary and what is interesting to create a full picture of your company, throwing away overused phrases about your customer service and instead allowing customers to feel that they are already receiving a service; a personalised and unique website experience. 


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