The Mobile Website

The Mobile Website

The Mobile Website


There has been a tremendous increase in the quantity of mobile phone users over recent generations, and during the last three years alone,  mobile internet usage has tripled from less than 1% in January 2009, to almost 10% in 2012.

The figures double every year, and since the rise of Smartphones, accessing the internet from a mobile phone has become second nature to us. Whilst commuting to work, out walking or on the go, a mobile phone allows you to access your favourite websites, wherever you are.

This growing audience of mobile internet users is good news for businesses too. Many website development companies offer mobile website solutions, to keep up with the demands of technology, and to ensure that you can stay ahead of the competition, by providing users with a website that is even more available than the twenty-four-hour world wide web. A ‘mobile’ website can be carried around in the pocket and viewed anywhere in an instant, allowing customers to make purchases or enquiries directly from their mobile phone, and clients too can stay updated on their own websites.

We have all seen what power Facebook mobile has provided to social networking: anyone in the world can be available at any time. Now, being stuck in a queue or waiting for a meeting has its advantages. In less than three seconds, you can be browsing through your competitors, purchasing online, or sending a much needed email via a contact form.

Of course, browsing a website on a mobile phone is a rather different experience than browsing on a desktop, laptop, or even a tablet device. Mobile websites always need that little extra care in development and design, to ensure that the user experience is as good as the non-mobile device, in terms of functionality, usability, identity, download speed and visual appeal.


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