The Rise of Social Media in Malta

The Rise of Social Media in Malta

The Rise of Social Media in Malta


Social Marketing: A portal to people, to innovative research, to new ideas, and of course, to the global web.

A recent study shows that Facebook has ranked as the 2nd most visited website in Malta, after Google, with a total of 169,340 Maltese logging in on Facebook every day. This amounts to 41% of the population.

Several companies headquartered in Malta are already at the forefront of the social marketing campaigns. The predominance of the social networks over the market has enticed marketers to promote themselves on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, these being the three main local popular networks of the social media to date. The idea that these networks can generate new leads and sales, along with exciting marketing opportunities, has got on well with the emerging entrepreneurs and established ones seeking to hold on to and further broaden their reputation.

The local online market can appear as an ideal (and easy) way for marketers to reach out to the general public, while it also serves to establish and to maintain relationships with their clients.

Social media amplifies upon research, ‘social sharing’, marketing, and is popular with SEO strategists. Facebook has essentially been designed to attract what are known as ‘target visitors’ to the marketer’s website. Social Media Marketing is thus an essential tool, educating customers by supplying them with concrete information regarding the business concerned.

In Malta, social media particularly flourished during the divorce referendum campaign, which provided a platform for debate yet also for a degree of creativeness. This online propaganda has thus strengthened the social marketing industry in the local field. The MCA's (Malta Communications Authority) 7th e-Commerce survey, conducted on September 2010, showed that the Internet usage by the Maltese amounted to 65%, one-third of whom use the Internet entirely for social networking purposes.

Employing social media marketing tactics for your business

Keep in mind that there are certain factors that contribute to the attraction of the site visitors or not, such as: age, location, gender, and a witty selection of relevant keywords. People will join you of course if what you have to offer is interesting, and of benefit to them. The appropriateness of the information to the ‘target’ audience is one of the powers of social media marketing. Technology has become on the most important business channels available. It also marks a change in the old and gullible consumer, usually a passive recipient of everything transmitted through TV advertisements, to the new, active consumer who is by far also a producer.
7 Interesting Facts and Statistics that you should know about the History and the Use of the Social Media

1. It took several years to for the social media to reach a market audience of 50 million:

- 38 years for the radio
- 13 years for TV
- 4 years for the Internet
- 3 years for iPods
- 2 years for Facebook

2. In 1984, the number of internet devices amounted to 1,000.

3. In 2008, the number remarkably increased to 1,000,000,000.

4. A staggering 80% of EU young users are active on social media.

5. 46% of internet users worldwide interact with social media daily.

6. 18% of new content is found through social media.

7. More than 10,000 new websites integrate with Facebook every day.


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