The Time for Websites is Now

The Time for Websites is Now

The Time for Websites is Now


A website can offer great potential for growth and provide a cushioning effect during periods of slow economic growth.

We are faced with challenging times once more. The business world today is undoubtedly more cautious about where its money is being invested, and in these times of slower economic growth, websites in Malta can provide a strong generation of extra income at a very worthwhile cost.

Easy solutions to money management include reducing the number of the employed, closing down outlets, cutting down advertising budgets...these may reduce expenses, but they do not help to generate increased income. Today, it is almost expected that any serious business owner in Malta should have his own advanced website. 

Websites in Malta today provide online purchasing and a worldwide customer reach, allowing even a small local business to expand in ways which were impossible before the introduction of the world wide web.

A website is a highly cost effective solution to these problems. Whilst creating a website may initially incur high costs, the benefits are much greater and long lasting than any advertising campaign. They are unrestricted by opening hours and time zones, and can function without minimal interference (apart from updates to content and minor development changes). A website can become a ‘virtual showroom’ without the expenses of renting a physical space, furniture and bills. In the same way that a good business would invest in a top quality showroom in a prime location, an advanced website too must be given the same attention to detail.

Location, location, location: Incorporating SEO and SEM and Analytics can greatly improve a website’s ranking within search engines. The higher search rankings that you gain, the more customers will be directed to your website. SEO is free too, so a website does not require a heavy marketing budget. Website analytics too allow you to accurately measure advertising results, to decide what works and what doesn’t, and to accommodate the budget accordingly. In fact, most internet marketing solutions cost only time, not money.

The virtual extension of a business onto an advanced website in Malta even allows the business owner to interact directly with his own website. Just as you would rearrange a showroom, an efficient Content Management System allows you to update any special offers, news, new products and services, and to optimise your content with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Ecommerce too is a rapidly increasing market, especially throughout websites in Malta. Whereas retailers on the high street may be suffering losses, it seems that the trend for buying online, the ‘novelty’ of being able to purchase anything, anywhere at any time keeps the users buying. Consumers are said to be spending less money, yet ecommerce continues to grow steadily year by year.

Here in Malta the market is saturated with companies and freelancers, as well as those students trying to earn some extra money, claiming that they can build your perfect advanced website. A serious business in need of a professional and advanced website that can offer a true return on investment should research carefully, and ensure that the best website developer is at their disposal, before deciding who will build this ‘virtual showroom’.

It is time to be wise. Today, the internet remains strong against an economic tide. Money is not so safe in our banks, and even in our pockets, so why not invest it in a low-maintenance, professional and user friendly advanced website?


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