Website Design - It's Personal

Website Design - It's Personal

Website Design - It's Personal


Scripts, codes, data, encrypted information…the world of the web can often seem like a technically daunting experience, yet the more web technologies advance, the more personal the web is becoming.

Creating a website or application that is accessible and user-friendly is the goal not only of the website developer, but also the designer. A website designer must be adept at disguising the technical appearance of the web using a variety of methods that allow the user to enjoy a more personal and human experience.

An effective web personality will set your brand apart from its competitors, and introducing a human element into a website design allows you to engage with an audience that is passionate and curious about you and your brand. So, how can you find the balance between a responsive and user-friendly website and a website that appeals to our most basic human instincts?

Whilst many website designers may be restricted by the requirements, preferences and budgets of clients, there are many elements to website design that can be easily integrated to provide an extra dose of personality when needed. Hand-drawn elements allow the user to feel as though he is viewing something that is authentic and above all, unique. Hand-drawn elements obviously require great skill to work successfully within a Web context, but the final impressions will always attract special attention.

In the case of more complex apps and larger websites, introducing a human element such as relaxed fonts, attention-grabbers and a familiar look will guide the user and encourage him to perform various actions whilst exploring the website in more depth than he may have otherwise.

Content too can go to great lengths towards improving your brand identity and the impression it leaves on your audience. Attractively written content (in terms of typography, voice, language and even formatting) in an equally attractive environment that functions correctly will always draw in an audience. Whether you are promoting a product, a service or a company, remember to speak to your visitors directly.

Even before a website is launched onto the web, a website designer can familiarise his clientby demonstrating the website design work in progress using hand-drawn and freehand elements. Demonstrating the entire process to both the client and the user ensures that all elements of the design are understood. Visualise, guide and encourage human feedback from your audience by providing them with a human experience. Appeal to emotions by explaining, engaging and creating a trustworthy and social environment.

A trustworthy website design is one that is created by real people, not by technology or computer software. In order to create a stunning, responsive and user-friendly website, the personal experience is simply another step in the process. 


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