What's New in Windows 10?

What's New in Windows 10?

What's New in Windows 10?


What’s New in Windows 10?

The last true release of Windows, Windows 10 sets aside the headaches and flaws of Windows 8 and its predecessors and looks toward a demanding and dynamic future. Microsoft has refined the UI and tied in many of the best of past Windows features, with a hint of iOS influences thrown in.

Some of the welcome features of the new Windows are highlighted below:

Welcome Back, Start Menu!

Windows 10 scraps the cumbersome, fragmented navigation of Windows 8.1 and ties them all into a unified settings menu with clarity and simplicity, and the all-new Action Center provides a platform for toggling your Wi-Fi setting, synchronised social notifications and other frequently accessed programs and settings. And yes, the Start Menu is back! A collective sigh of relief for all long-term Windows users.

Fully-Responsive OS and Universal Apps

Windows apps will be able to run universally across all devices, from PC, tablet and phone and even the Xbox One; good news for gamers. New Office and Outlook are refreshing offerings of existing apps, whilst the brand new browser Project Spartan seems set to take centre stage.

Even better news is that, for the first time, Windows 10 is the first fully-responsive operating system, and will run on all Microsoft hardware.

Project Spartan

Microsoft has waved goodbye to Internet Explorer with Windows 10 and has launched a brand new browser; Project Spartan. Clean, Chrome-like and Cortana-integrated, Spartan focuses on social sharing.


Ever wanted a personal assistant? Well, now you can get one. Cortana (currently available in the U.S, U.K, China, France, Germany, Spain and Italy) utilises more natural search patterns, using speech-style queries and questions instead of keywords, which SEO and content-marketers have been gradually moving away from.

No More Upgrades, Constant Updates

In closing, it appears that Windows 10 is not going to be replaced by a trendier cousin in just a few years’ time. In fact, Microsoft has stated that it will be rolling out constant updates, easing pressure on tired web developers and putting a stop to out-dated browsing.


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