What's the Buzz?

What's the Buzz?

What's the Buzz?


Marketing doesn’t happen all by itself. In order to get people talking about you, you need to first let them know that your brand exists through strong branding, a high quality website and content. Once you have achieved all of this, you can then begin to create a ‘buzz’ around your company or product.

The fundamental rule of buzz marketing is this: you need to have something worth talking about. This may seem obvious, but simply stating what your brand does and what it sells will not generate a buzz in the same way that specific topics and types of viral marketing will.

Online, people talk about everything, from the mundane and boring to intriguing, outrageous, daring and sometimes even taboo, and it is these latter topics that are the ones most likely to be remembered and to hover at the top of social media news feeds.

There are several different types of topics that generate the most buzz time and time again, and these include: the unique, remarkable, outrageous, hilarious and the taboo. All of these topics are tried and tested to create awareness and drive traffic. Below are some familiar examples of these types of buzz:

The Unique

Whatever industry you are in, you are likely to have your fair share of competitors selling similar products and services to yourself. Doing the same as them will certainly not generate a buzz, but putting a unique spin on it will.

Take a look at Volkswagen’s Fun Theory for an example of turning something typical into something unique. Or Air New Zealand’s Middle Earth-inspired in-flight safety video.

The Remarkable

With the remarkable, the end result is to create something far above average and far beyond your competitive niche. People will always talk about exceptional customer service or the super product, but rarely the average ones.

A perfect example of this was used by Royal Dutch Airlines, who surprised all of their passengers by presenting them with thoughtful gifts while they waited for their flights.

The Outrageous

Within business, creating something outrageous can be a dangerous crossing. You cannot be outrageous for the sake of it, and you have to be careful to ensure even the outrageous fits in with the company’s ethics and reputation. Outrageous has to be strongly connected to your brand and promote exactly what it is that you can offer.

What could be more outrageous than claiming that your blenders can turn anything, even iPhones, into smoothies? Well done to Blendtec for this daring advertisement.

The Taboo

We all talk about things that we shouldn’t, and creating something taboo is business is certain to get people talking. Taboo, or controversial topics are those that instigate debate and discussion, and so make perfect platforms for going viral on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Two completely opposite ends of the taboo spectrum are both ads expressing beauty in very different ways: Agent Provocateur lingerie launched a seductive ad with Kylie Minogue, whilst Dove launched a campaign for real beauty, featuring women of all ages, shapes and sizes and Swiss charity Pro Infirmis made mannequins of people with various physical disabilities, which were then proudly displayed in a shop window of Zurich’s main shopping street to express equality and solidarity.


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