Why Your Business Should be on Facebook

Why Your Business Should be on Facebook

Why Your Business Should be on Facebook


1.16 billion active users.

76% of users log in at least once every single day.

Over 15 million businesses have their own Facebook Page.

250 billion photos uploaded (September 2013).

Recent statistics from Facebook are astonishing. Facebook is no longer used just to communicate and to share photos with friends and family. Today, business potential on Facebook is booming and the benefits for businesses that set up a solid presence on this social media network are vast. From the sheer volume of users to the ability to get information out to the world as a whole in seconds, businesses both in Malta and worldwide are taking Facebook by storm.

Whether you are a multinational corporation or a local business of 5 employees, the wealth of benefits that Facebook can offer are unparalleled by any other form of online marketing. If you have a small marketing budget, or even none; don’t worry, creating your business Page is free and always will be, and paid advertising and promotions are optional. 

Facebook offers low-cost, quick and effective marketing solutions perfect for small to medium businesses whose advertising budgets and time constraints may be restricting.  Whereas Facebook offers many of the same features as a website, there are also many other advantages. A business Page on Facebook can greatly boost your website’s traffic and visibility, drawing more visitors onto your website and increasing search engine visibility thanks to Google incorporating real-time social media posts into their search results. The more active you are on Facebook, the more visible your website can become to users in and outside of the social network.

The ability to share and receive feedback in an instant loop is perhaps the biggest advantage that Facebook brings to the table. Customers can enquire about a particular product, service or offer and are able to receive instant, personalised feedback. The social media platform of Facebook is familiar to us all and so we users are comfortable, at ease and can find our way around business Pages effortlessly.

Nothing is more satisfactory than seeing your Page’s audience grow and your customer engagement and sales increasing, but the key to a successful business Page is understanding what drives your customers; what are they searching for, what type of content do they engage with the most (what is the most Shared, Liked or Commented), how do new customers find you? Facebook once again hands you all the tools you need; detailed insights open the doors to your customer database in the same way that Google Analytics does for a website. Businesses can listen as well as talk to their customers.

Whether from a computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, iPad or app, Facebook is always within our reach; therefore, so is your business. Using Facebook’s extraordinary word-of-mouth potential and sheer abundance of users, you can increase your brand’s awareness through positive feedback and regular interaction, engaging your customers with interesting and relevant news articles, blogs, promotions, events, contests and a range of interactive applications.


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