Writing for the web

Writing for the web

Writing for the web


Being an exceptional English writer does not suffice when it comes to writing articles for the web.  The way to tackle an English essay is somewhat different than how you should go about writing an online article.  Simply put, English essays are written in an instructive way, while web articles should be targeted to relate with an audience. Below are a couple of tips of what you should take care of when working on web articles.

Address your audience

Avoid writing web articles of an impersonal nature.  The readers should feel as if you’re actually talking to them rather than a generic individual.  That’s why words like ‘one’ should be entirely left out.  Moreover, make sure that you’re clear of the audience towards which you want to target your writings.  An article for young kids would be written in an absolutely different manner than an article for retirees.

Use catchy headlines

Catchy headlines are bound to draw the curiosity of online readers, urging them to read more about that intriguing title that caught their sight.  One such example appeared on the  Natural Health magazine in September, 2000, where one of the titles read: “Stay healthy. Eat more bacteria”.  Something of the sort would allure readers into wanting to get more details about this perplexing fact.     

Be organized

Headlines work wonders when it comes to organizing your content.  Likewise, the readers can quickly skim through the article and get a basic idea of the issues you’re going to tackle.  Sometimes it would also be useful to include bullets, since they may be quicker and more intuitive to understand, than chunks of paragraphs.  Likewise, you ensure that you are driving the main points home.

Be aware of SEO

Search engines should be one of your major concerns when writing an article for the web.  Therefore, you would need to include a high density of keywords which you assume people would look for.  In so doing, you increase the probability of people stumbling into your article or webpage upon typing a specific search phrase.  You must make it a point to blend the keywords in a way which makes sense. Avoid tedious repetition, but at the same time use a keyword often enough to boost the hits on your page.

Make your article attractive

Images speak a thousand words apart from being pleasing to the eye.  Therefore, the appropriate use of pictures in strategic places in an article can effectively attract more readers.  A well-chosen image can serve as a good break from the text, especially if the picture complements the actual text.

Go through your text

At the end of the day we are all humans, therefore, we are all subject to mistakes.  Consequently, it’s vital that before publishing your work you go through it well.  You may also reconsider re-writing an article, especially if you’re not getting the feedback you anticipated.

At Zheta International we ensure to keep in mind the above tips when generating content.  Hence, we guarantee the satisfactory response we always expect from online users browsing the web.


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