Executive Team

Jason Mallia
Managing Director

Originally a marketing person in the hospitality industry, with years of experience in internationally branded hotels both locally and internationally, Jason moved into the realm of web design and branding quite perchance as most success stories happen. Jason admits it was an eye-opening experience and a life-changing decision.

During 1995, Jason was impressed with how e-Bay and Amazon grew from nothing to dominate the global economy, "I got inspired with the internet and the way people communicated with each other".

The local market, during late 90’s displayed websites that looked untidy and unprofessional and he came to the understanding that this was an untapped market. Jason always had a creative mind and an eye for detail from a very young age and at times, his imagination to visualise ideas and concepts was one of his strengths. “Image and design was nonexistent and functionality was poor. In some cases when I would visit a website, I could not tell what business they were in, or could not locate the right information” adds Jason.

Zheta was formed in 2002 and purely concentrated on interactive web projects. “Our first websites made a huge impact on the local market followed by awards and nominations for www.pippatoledo.com (version 1), www.mattfenech.com and www.thebestofmalta.com (website no longer online). Not only did we offer quality work but we also gave a high level of service to our clients. This was one of my strengths which results from my background in the hospitality industry. My experience helped me gain a trustworthy reputation on the local market and benefited towards the success of the company”, adds Jason.

Jason is passionate about his work, he takes time getting to know his clients, meeting its key personnel and visiting its sites and learning their processes. “I am a hands-on person and love to get involved in almost everything. I study markets and industries to evaluate the client’s position and possibilities. Upon assessing its needs, I then produce a report outlying where I believe I can help the business achieve its goals,” adds Jason.

Over the years Zheta International Ltd has had an excellent reputation in the area of customer care especially concerning product quality, timeliness of product delivery and most importantly, creativity. “Our portfolio speaks for itself; it is an incredible asset for sales, since the majority of our potential clients are already convinced of our product before we actually meet them. We offer a high end product with a true return on investment” adds Jason.

Jason Mallia

"Client Satisfaction & Communication is a key aspect towards successful business relationships."

Steven James McLean
Head of Development

"A vision is a mutual picture of a team’s future", says Steven James McLean, Head of Development at Zheta International. "Working at Zheta International has given me not only a vision, but enabled me to extend and feel part of a true, professional team – one which values professionalism and detail, while embracing new, innovative ideas". 

Early in 2010, Steven was selected as a solid member of the Zheta International team. Within a year of his employment, Steven was promoted from a web developer to Head of Development, so as to ensure the overall, smooth running of the Production Division. When Steven first started out in the company search engine optimization was not one of Zheta International’s strong points. Thanks to his knowledge and expertise in the area, Steven managed to turn this limitation into one of Zheta International’s assets. Indeed, to date numerous clients embrace Zheta International’s unique concepts due to its excellent reputation in SEO.

Amongst several tasks, Steven is responsible for the right delegation of work to developers, consultancy services, encouraging his fellow team members to make innovative contributions and ensuring that the layout of the content is accessible. He is also asked to identify, if needed, system deficiencies and in turn recommend solutions. Apart from assisting in the enforcement of deadlines and schedules – a priority at Zheta International - Steven further supervises and develops websites using the latest technologies that conform to international standards.

Steven was also part of the production of several award-winning websites designed and developed by Zheta International. These achievements were only possible through combined collaboration with his energetic, dedicated and passionate team members.

In early 2013, was appointed as MODX Ambassador for Malta - whereby this title reflects his level of excellence and expertise in this Open Source Platform.

Furthermore, Steven was been selected to speak about Web Security at the MODXpo 2015, the Annual International Conference for MODX Developers.

Steven James McLean

"Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success"

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