Andrew Grech Joins Zheta International

Andrew Grech Joins Zheta International

Andrew Grech Joins Zheta International


Due to its ever increasing reputation as one of Malta’s leading professional website designers, Zheta International felt that it was time to a add a new member to its executive team, as the company begins to expand its experience and clientele.

With over seventeen years of sales experience under his belt, a passion for meeting people and developing business relationships, it was only natural that Andrew Grech would join the team At Zheta International. Previously a Sales Manager at Yellow Pages (Malta) Ltd, Andrew will now be adopting the role of Sales & Marketing Manager.

Andrew Grech is, above all, a highly motivated individual who delivers what he promises.

What made you join Zheta International?

Niki Soler, the MD at Yellow Pages (Malta) Ltd approached me with regards to the post. I was given a quick overview of the company, its current position, its plans for the future and what the role consisted of. I liked what I heard and since I am one that embraces change and enjoys taking up new challenges, I immediately accepted. Considering the success story behind Yellow Pages (Malta) Ltd, I had no doubt that Zheta International as a subsidiary would follow in the same footsteps and grow from strength to strength. This gave me peace of mind as I was accustomed to working within a very professional and organized environment.

What is your role in the company, and what are your aims for the future?

My role is that of Sales & Marketing Manager. Initially my role will consist of sales; making acquaintance with the existing client database and promoting the services of Zheta International amongst potential clients. Although Zheta International is renowned for offering high-end websites to larger corporations, I will be looking into strengthening the relationship with SME’s. The potential out there is great as more and more companies are realising that having a professional website is a must, as it becomes their virtual showcase. This would lead to establishing a sales force so as to  better reach other clients.From a marketing perspective, we will be targeting potential clients through various channels whilst continuing to work on the referral business we receive. We enjoy working with clients who apart from appreciating the artistic value behind a unique website and the impact this has on the end-user, understand that functionality and design go hand in hand allowing for optimum ranking within Search Engines.

Zheta International’s vision is this “To improve businesses achieve their goals through innovative branding and communications, intelligent information design, and a user-centered approach to product and service communication.” What would be your vision?

From the few months working both at Zheta International office and with clients I can share the following thoughts; 
Mission Statement: “To provide clients with a unique virtual showroom that truly reflects their business, allowing for a positive-user experience through innovative web-design and branding, a highly efficient back-end development and giving back a true return on their investment.”

Vision: “To be the number one website development company on the island by providing tailor-made websites based on a thorough understanding of the clients current and future needs.”

How does your experience with Yellow Pages ensure that you can work in Zheta International’s fast paced environment?

A company needs to stay abreast with the ever-changing needs of the market place, it needs to analyse trends, it needs to keep re-inventing itself so as to stay ahead of the game and this is exactly what we did at Yellow Pages (Malta) Ltd. In its own ways it was fast-paced, yet having the right people on board made everything look seamless. At Zheta International, I believe that there are the same never-ending demands by clients, as well as the balancing of meetings, planning and quotes that ensure that everyday there is something new awaiting you.

What changes would you like to see at Zheta International in the coming years?

Zheta International already differentiates itself from the other players within the website industry and this is evident from the superior quality of its portfolio of advanced websites. My intention is to continue working at strengthening the Zheta International brand. I see great potential for growth with Zheta International, not only from the sales compliment but also from the Design and Development Team. Eventually we will also enter the foreign market. Our team is extremely competent and we can compete with our foreign counterparts both from a talent point of view as well as from a price point of view.

What can you tell us about Andrew Grech as a person?

I’m married to Elaine, wife of ten years. Have two kids. By nature I am a very positive person.  I enjoy the simple things in life although I always wish to have the best of everything! I am quite a perfectionist too and enjoy things being done properly. I do not know how to do half-measured things and will always give 110% effort in all I do. I love nature – the sea has always fascinated me and I could spend hours on end just looking at it. Preferably I’m in the sea, swimming. I thoroughly enjoy open water swimming although some recent injuries have drastically reduced my swimming time.


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