Blue Creek Implements Facebook App

Blue Creek Implements Facebook App

Blue Creek Implements Facebook App


Facebook has gained exponential popularity, with millions of users world-wide logging onto the system every day to update their statuses and keep posted about their friends, favourite artists as well as their preferred places to hang at. This phenomenon has opened up new opportunities to companies and restaurants in the advertising market, particularly through the introduction of Facebook applications.

Indeed, the Blue Creek restaurant at Ghar Lapsi is gaining increased popularity through the use of its Facebook page, having a noticeable amount of clients leaving positive comments about the welcoming staff, relaxed ambience as well as the impeccable service offered at the restaurant.  Recently, a Facebook application has been introduced with the aim of attracting more users towards their extremely advanced website.

Upon clicking on any of the links found on this refined Facebook application, one is immediately directed to the restaurant’s official webpage, which allows a much easier browsing experience.  

Maintaining a high level of interaction with the clients has always been greatly valued.  Thus, the recently created Facebook application is an innovative way to acheive their goal.  Indeed, the Facebook application is offering a way of building relationships with new potential clients as well as upholding a strong connection with current patrons.

Through the use of Blue Creek’s new Facebook application, a wider range of audience is being targeted.  Friends of existing customers could easily become aware of the good services offered at the restaurant and might be intrigued to try out the excellent service for themselves.  The Facebook application which has been implemented is an effective solution to repeatedly engage user navigation, not only to the Facebook application itself, but more importantly to the official website where additional details would be available.  Such engagement strengthens the likelihood that the Facebook application users eventually turn into clients.

In today’s era, which is characterised by the computing revolution, keeping abreast of technology has become of utter significance.  Indeed, it’s evident that Blue Creek is making sure to stay on top of the market by making using of the latest innovative features such as these Facebook applications, thus guaranteeing a prolonged business success.

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