Client Website Monitoring

Client Website Monitoring

Client Website Monitoring


As part of a global plan to improve the relationship between Zheta International and all its clients, a new service has just been introduced.

"Monitoring will be a new way for us to prove more reliability as a company by monitoring the client’s updates and aiding them immediately in case any content is badly inserted into the websites, avoiding any propagation of incorrect content to the public from the client’s point of view", says Steven James McLean, Head of Development.
The Content Division will be responsible for this task. Within the CMS (Content Management System) they will have the possibility of fully reviewing detailed logs and what actions the user did on their website. Rather than informing the client to rectify the problem the personnel within the division will take action by fixing the problem so that the content is displayed correctly immediately.

"This will also help us take note of any wrong content inputted from our clents so that in future we can have a FAQ set up", adds Steven James McLean.


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