Further Success for Best Deal Properties

Further Success for Best Deal Properties

Further Success for Best Deal Properties


When the directors of Best Deal Properties gave Zheta International the task of creating a brand new identity and website solution, they were keen to invest in the success that many have already taken advantage of. The creation of a bold and instantly recognisable brand allowed Best Deal Properties to take on a new and modern approach to its business activities, and has allowed this property development venture to increase its clientele and its reputation throughout Malta.

Best Deal Properties is clearly moving forward in the right direction, and thanks to the implementation of a user friendly web solution that delivers exactly what it requires, it has established itself as a powerful brand with a portfolio of properties in the south of Malta.

Since the website’s inception late in 2011, Best Deal Properties has seen an influx of visitors and has already sold three properties as a direct result of the website. Using their skills in SEO and online marketing, Zheta International were able to attract a much wider audience, targeting not only the Maltese market, but also clients in the United Kingdom, United States, Italy, and even clients as far away as Canada and Australia. However, simply attracting the visitors onto a website is not enough; the audience must be engaged and be able to find exactly what they are looking for.

Best Deal Properties’ website delivers exactly what it promises; a vast portfolio of properties for sale at the best competitive prices. The directors felt that they wanted to offer their clients as much information as possible in a clean page that was easy to navigate, and so shortly after the website’s launch, new FAQs and Consumer Tips sections were added to provide users with up to date and comprehensive advice on anything property related, from property purchasing procedures for local and foreign residents, to some of the questions commonly asked by first time buyers.

Best Deal Properties has an on-going SEM campaign under the wings of Zheta International, and has recently seen the launch of its mobile version website in the hopes of expanding its clientele even further, targeting those busy clients whilst they are at work, between meetings or commuting. Best Deal Properties has recently begun construction on two brand new properties as a result of the success of their website, with several units already sold, and aims to continue expansion in the future, placing themselves at the forefront of the property industry in Malta.

Sales and Marketing Manager Erskine Vella said of the project’s success: “Zheta International delivered an impeccable product that exceeded all expectations. Response to our website has been enormously positive, and we are optimistic for this to continue as we work alongside Zheta International in the creation of an iPad App in the future.”

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