The 'Globalair Honeymooners' Experience

The 'Globalair Honeymooners' Experience

The 'Globalair Honeymooners' Experience


Globalair is rapidly becoming a household name in the travel industry in Malta, with more than twenty years of experience behind them, and a constant promise to provide a professional and personal service worldwide. Now, they have set their sights even further with a brand new and exciting concept: Honeymooners.

This latest venture is a new business concept that encourages a brand new wedding gift notion: wedding guests can take advantage of Globalair Travel Honeymooner’s simplicity, saving themselves precious time when choosing the perfect gift for family or friends.

Globalair Travel Honeymooner’s clean and classical website delivers exactly what it promises: couples can set up an individual consultation to plan out their perfect wedding destination, to provide themselves and guests with the perfect wedding and memories that will last a lifetime. Globalair Travel Honeymooners not only attains to the needs of the couple getting married, but to the guests too. Travel vouchers and travel destinations are unexpected and thoughtful wedding gifts that ensure a truly special honeymoon, particularly as Globalair Travel Honeymooners take care of the entire process for you. Couples can also submit their wedding lists to the site, allowing wedding guests to then log in to the website to buy the presents from there (confidentially, of course).

Globalair Travel Honeymooners have already built their business steadily around word of mouth, and with each new venture, their outreach expands ever further. From Globalair Travel emerges M.I.C.E (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events), whose innovative logo and brand new website (coming soon) have been created once again by Zheta International. Globalair, Travelshop and now Honeymooners provide an impeccable service for everyone, from business clients to individual travellers, conferences, and now couples and honeymooners too.  

Speaking about working with Zheta International, Globalair Travel’s Director Joe Bugeja had the following feedback: “We trusted Zheta International due to their deep knowledge and experience in the Travel & Tourism Industry. We gave a further two web projects to develop in order for our company to be exposed with the right image. Highly recommended.”

With the success of Globalair Honeymooners, Director of Outgoing Travel James Bugeja added: “Turning new ideas into actual final products is not always straight forward. We trusted Zheta International to implement our ideas within tight deadlines. We could not be happier to have a one-of- a-kind Honeymoon Wedding gift list.”

Globalair’s primary aim is to build lasting relations, with its partners, its local and foreign clients, and now between its married couples and their guests. 

Globalair Honeymooner's website can be visited here.


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