Greens Supermarket Packaging Design

Greens Supermarket Packaging Design

Greens Supermarket Packaging Design


Zheta International promotes consistency as a key contributor to a company’s success.  Recently, it has been responsible for creating a new brand identity for Greens Supermarket, which fits perfectly with the newly designed website concept.  Furthermore, transport van designs, shopping bags as well as visiting cards were designed along the same wavelength, further enforcing the company’s professional outlook.

Now, Greens supermarket have taken up a brand new refreshing look in their packaging designs, bringing out more than ever the tasty, mouth-watering salads and vegetables sealed inside the packages.  In fact, the latest packaging has been designed in such a way to blend with the companies’ new identity. The colours, typography as well as the images have all been chosen to complement the idea of presenting a fresh product to the consumer.  Furthermore, in the coming weeks, the new online shopping website will also be launched, needless to say, following the same concepts adopted earlier for all the other designs.

The purple and orange stripes on the packaging prominently stand out, with the aim of bringing out the product within the package all the more.  Furthermore, the tactically placed label was designed in such a manner to clearly show the name of the product, its ingredients as well as the best-before date.

The back side of the Greens packaging design is as crisp-looking as the front side.  As a matter of fact, the various vegetables comprising the package are neatly spaced out against a light coloured backdrop, which is soothing to the eye, making the text and pictures incredibly legible. Additionally, the barcode and website are also included in the lower part of the design.

Greens Supermarket is also striving to keep abreast with the latest technology advances.  This can be seen on the backside of the package where a QR code is added as part of the premium quality design.  Thanks to the QR code, clients at Greens Supermarket have the liberty to scan the item with a device of their preference so as to be automatically directed to the Greens Supermarket website.  Once on the website they will be able to browse through a range of products offered at their outlets, as well as other material like recipes, related to the Greens Supermarket Salads.

In conclusion, the brand new captivating design is bound to attract more customers to try out the tempting salads available at Greens Supermarket, ensuring the healthy lifestyle which is highly being promoted in today’s times.


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