New Website Boosts Valentina

New Website Boosts Valentina

New Website Boosts Valentina


When the proprietors of Hotel Valentina decided to assign the re-vamp of their website to Zheta International, they were predicting the creation of a website with a clean style and easy navigational tools. What they were not predicting however was the immediate success clinched by the website once it was launched online. The hotel has in fact registered a steady increase in the number of requests received through the website ever since this was set up.

Hotel Valentina Directors say, “We are very pleased to be partnered with a company like Zheta International and we have great confidence in their ability to provide the solutions we need to succeed in our future web developments, which are in pipeline along with the planned extension to the hotel. So far however, we are pleased to announce that we have already registered up to five times as many online requests by potential clients as we had before the new website was uploaded.”

The key aspect of the website was to portray the same vibrant colours that the hotel décor boasts of,  so that if one looks at the website and the actual property, the similarities are immediately noticeable. The hotel located in St Julian’s, is characterised by a sophisticated blend of contemporary style and modern flair. Its luxurious finish is just an aspect of its owners’ penchant for attention to detail. Hotel Valenina presently has 32 guest rooms situated on four floors. Once the full development is completed in 2012, the hotel will have increased its number of rooms to a total of 92.

Zheta International Managing Director, Jason Mallia explains, “Apart from the brief we received we were free to develop the website to the best of our abilities. In the location page of Hotel Valentina’s website, we developed an interactive map highlighting various landmarks around the hotel in order for users to get acquainted with the surroundings, like the town St. Julian’s, the nearby beach, the Baystreet shopping area, Casino’s, Paceville’s night spots and Portomaso. The detail of the icons has been directly linked to specific locations. In the case of St Julian’s, the Love monument is what leads browsers on to read further about this town.” On their part, the hotel proprietors praised the level of service received from Zheta International and described Zheta’s  team as being knowledgeable, responsive and pleasant to work with.

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