New Website for DeMicoli & Associates

New Website for DeMicoli & Associates

New Website for DeMicoli & Associates


DeMicoli & Associates Architects are proud to announce the launch of their new website.

A break away from the monochromatic feel and simplicity of their old website, DeMicoli & Associates’ new web presence retains the company’s obsession with clean lines and minimalism, whilst adding a new level of interactivity; from walking through Fort St. Elmo in the landing page’s time-lapse video, to the dragging carousel effect allowing users to effortlessly slide from page to page, to the filtered portfolio showcasing the finest of their projects.

DeMicoli & Associates’ new website reflects the company’s desire for minimalism; providing the necessary information in a clean and concise way with no need for complication. Their portfolio provides a wide scope of knowledge into their projects, from the initial briefs to completion coupled with detailed plans, 3d renders and concept and live imagery.

Launch website


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