A case study on Hotel Valentina

A case study on Hotel Valentina

A case study on Hotel Valentina


When the owners of Hotel Valentina assigned the re-vamp of their website to Zheta International they were expecting an elegantly designed website with ease of navigation tools which would attract prospective clients towards the site.  However, they were not foreseeing that upon going online they would experience such a massive increase in the amount of booking requests, through their newly launched website.  In the director’s own words, “We are pleased to announce that we have already registered up to five times as many online requests by potential clients as we had before the new website was uploaded”. 

Hearing about successful SEO clients, such as Hotel Valentina, should encourage other businesses to also invest in SEO.  Unfortunately, numerous companies within our industry disregard SEO, putting competitors in your field who actually make use of SEO at an economical advantage.  Statistics show us that 47.81% of the visitors browsing the Hotel Valentina website actually come from search engines.  Thanks to the proper SEO implemented by Zheta International, Hotel Valentina ranks first in search engine results when potential clients look for “hotels in st julians” or “hotel st julians”.  This is the secret for the rapid success which has been yielded by Hotel Valentina since they partnered with Zheta International for their web development projects.

Search engine optimisation is a process which enables you to improve your website so as to increase its visibility in search engines.  Consequently, you would increase the likelihood of having a larger volume of traffic on your website, an extremely desirable trait for all companies.  Attracting a wider audience is extremely desirable, since it is bound to increase company profits, thus the importance of implementing adequate SEO.  However, SEO is not just about getting people to your website, but more about getting the right audience to your website; people who are searching for your product, service or information.  Furthermore, you would need to convert such visitors into customers through the website’s user experience.  Hotel Valentina is a case in point that all of the above can be achieved through SEO.

Here at Zheta International we highly encourage you to consider investing in proper SEO, since as aptly explained above it can yield exceptional results.

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