Pippa Toledo Launches Ecommerce Shop

Pippa Toledo Launches Ecommerce Shop

Pippa Toledo Launches Ecommerce Shop


Pippa Toledo, a leading interior designer in Malta, has currently launched a fresh ecommerce project promoting her full range of designer handbags and fashion accessories.

The Pippa Toledo Handbag and Jewellery Collections are classified under City and Beach categories respectively. The handbag collections have city names like New York, Paris, Italy, and Barcelona that in turn hold handbags that capture the identity of the collection and place it pertains to.

The Jewellery Collections are in turn divided into three categories, each of which holds a beach name that is characteristic of the item it beholds. The three jewellery collections are: bracelets (Anguilla Collection), earrings (Copacabana Beach Collection), and necklaces (La Concha Bay).

Pippa Toledo’s exclusive items are designed to suit various styles and tastes, ranging from minimal design handbags to flamboyant and exotic jewellery. The designer’s innate flair of modernity and originality are in sync with the unique and fashionable handbags and accoutrements.

The Pippa Toledo Shop also plans to expand its current range. Everything in stock will be made available and easily accessible on this website, www.pippatoledoshop.com, which has been developed by Zheta International, known for creating advanced brand focused websites with impact.

“The site has enabled us to broaden our horizons, reaching our business to a global audience and we are now taking orders worldwide”, says Pippa Toledo.

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