Save with MicroInvest 2014!

Save with MicroInvest 2014!

Save with MicroInvest 2014!


MicroInvest 2014’ is a brand new scheme launched by Malta Enterprise offering financial reimbursement for capital investments for which many local businesses are eligible.This new scheme focuses on investment in Information Technology, amongst others, and this incentive has been devised in the form of a tax credit, equivalent up to 45% of eligible expenditure that occurs between the 1st January and 31st December of the year prior to the claim. A total of 65% tax credits are available to businesses operating from Gozo. 

‘MicroInvest 2014’ extends to website development and design, Branding and Online Marketing amongst other services offered by Zheta International.

In operation for the next six years, all eligible businesses in Malta and Gozo can place a claim annually. The maximum eligible amount for a single undertaking must not exceed €30,000 for a period of three years, or €50,000 for Gozo businesses over three years. If your business is VAT registered with an employment of under 30 persons and registering less than €10 million annual turnover, you may be eligible for this scheme.

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