"Simply Impressive" - Pippa Toledo


Knowing Pippa Toledo means knowing a highly creative Maltese woman with many and varied talents. When Zheta International received a brief for the creation of a second website for Pippa, they knew they had to really come up with a very original and highly interactive website.

Zheta International managing director Jason Mallia says, “We designed a 3D studio with Pippa in it - the ambience is as if you are actually in her studio and wish to communicate with her. The monitor behind her displays the intro to the first website we had produced for her way back in 2002. We could not simply delete this first website because it ultimately proved to be very important both to Pippa and to ourselves. In 2002 when we had developed her website together with other interactive web projects they made a huge impact on the local market and made our company known on the market. Thanks to the website we had received a nomination for best Website Artist Award by Datastream Malta Web Awards.”

The video that comes after the intro is one of Pippa Toledo’s own concepts. The video also reflects on her desk to give more detail. The album on her desk which is like the portfolio album in her actual studio, once clicked, zooms in and provides a selection of her impressive portfolio of creative productions. The album has been planned to be extremely user friendly and one can browse through all her portfolio with ease. The website also has music that compliments the website, adding on a lovely vibe to the experience. 

Since Pippa Toledo is an all-round designer and artist, her website also offers the possibility to view her paintings, fashion accessories, and product design with ease. Pippa says, “Zheta International delivered a remarkable and impressive website which exposed the true image of our company."

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