The Avenue announce their new website

The Avenue announce their new website

The Avenue announce their new website


The Avenue, a casual yet smart restaurant catering for a variety of clientele has soared in popularity in the St. Julian’s area.   The launch of its new refined website ought to boost its reputation more than ever.

At first glance, the website immediately portrays the restaurant’s ambience thanks to the particular choice of colour scheme.  The design is extremely intuitive and user-friendly, encouraging the user to visit the website on a regular basis.  In fact, all the required information can be accessed through minimal clicks.

Upon entering the website, it is quite evident that an extensive amount of planning was involved in the design phase.  Indeed, one of the prominent features is the larger than usual menu buttons.  By means of large-sized buttons users loading the website on touch devices can navigate easily without hitting another button by mistake.  Furthermore, the website loads flawlessly on ipads and other non-flash devices, since, it was solely developed using javascript.

The website essentially focuses on the services offered to patrons.  Clients can find details on how to book online as well as the menu, which is also downloadable.  Therefore, users who are constantly on the go do not need to be online to browse through the menu items.  Additionally, interested clients can also subscribe to receive The Avenue’s newsletter.

The Managing Director himself couldn’t have been more pleased with the end result.  In his own words, “Working with Zheta International has repeatedly proven to be a delight.  Hence, it was only automatic to choose them as our web-developers for the third consecutive time.  Likewise, we could uphold the high standard visible in all our previous projects.  As a matter of fact, we can gladly express that The Avenue website is no exception.”

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