The Avenue Rebranding Project

The Avenue Rebranding Project

The Avenue Rebranding Project


The Avenue has already entrusted the services of Zheta International with the creation of its smart yet casual website that captures that ambience of the restaurant in a user-friendly and intuitive design. Now, Zheta International is in the process of designing another extensive rebranding project for its esteemed clients.

To revive the restaurant in terms of its brand, the directors at The Avenue have been introducing a sumptuous range of new fresh produce. They also felt that it was time that their menus received a fresh and more modern appearance, in keeping with the theme of the website and the colour schemes and branding of the St Julian’s restaurant that clientele have become so familiar with over the years. In light of the rebranding and sumptuous range of new items on the menu, The Avenue has remained consistent, and provides the same value for money that is has always strived to achieve.

Zheta International has been given the tasks of designing the new food menu, wine menu, the creation of a new delivery menu as well as creating a new Italian version of the menu. All four menus are branded with the characteristic wooden texture, and their glossy appearance focuses on a more refined quality. The design team at Zheta International is currently also working on the drinks menu, cocktail menu, dessert menu and a children’s menu. Driven by the success and intuitive design of The Avenue website, Zheta International’s enthusiastic and dedicated design team are integrating the same style into the menus, using a clear layout dispersed with some beautiful imagery of some of the finest food available.

The rebranding of The Avenue ensures that its long-established clientele can follow the progress and success of the restaurant, whilst being able to enjoy a familiar environment. The new menus provide not only a true selection of new menu items, but their refreshed appearance gives the clientele a fresh experience, encouraging them to try something new.

Apart from work on new menus, Zheta International has also been entrusted with the creation of a promotional television advert that was featured on local television. Extensive vehicle branding was also created for The Avenue’s delivery vans and motorbikes. In the future the dedicated design team will be focusing on upgrading the exterior of The Avenue Restaurant, with brand new signage, outside menus, and even a mobile version website.

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