New Website for Titan International

New Website for Titan International

New Website for Titan International


For more than forty years Titan International has specialised in mechanical and electrical engineering contracts, as well as the importation, wholesale and retail of components, appliances, heating and air conditioning and lifts systems. The contract for their new website was awarded to Zheta International, who graciously accepted the challenge.

The challenge: to combine all of Titan International’s various sectors into one user-friendly and navigational website. Zheta International took this challenge head on, and the end result is a clean and informative website that backs up the years of experience and success of Titan International with a newer and stronger web presence.

The website was designed and developed with both the business and domestic user in mind throughout the entire process. This website had to provide customers with simple navigation allowing them to browse through all of Titan’s products, services and portfolio with ease, and with a minimum number of clicks. At the same time businesses and prospective clients could enter the site and view detailed information with regards to the work that Titan International has completed over the years, as well as viewing their detailed Servicing and Contracting areas, browsing a vast portfolio of intimate and large-scale projects, and understanding their commitment to their clients.

Titan International’s website provides the user with a range of navigational options to browse through all of Titan’s sectors, from the Contracting and Servicing departments to Zanussi Centre, Cooling & Heating, Lifts, Industrial Supplies and Renewable Energy departments. Users can browse through a range of domestic and commercial products, and can view Titan’s extensive portfolio of clients.

Zheta International was also responsible for the creation of a Facebook Application for Titan International, providing Titan’s Facebook followers with instant access to the website.

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