TONI&GUY Malta's Website Revamped

TONI&GUY Malta's Website Revamped

TONI&GUY Malta's Website Revamped


Zheta International was awarded with the rebranding concept design of TONI&GUY Malta’s website. With over 405 salons in 41 countries, TONI&GUY is synonymous with creativity and innovation, and is dedicated to delivering fashion-forward styling and a professional service to suit its diverse clientele.

The website, which was launched on 6th May 2011, is in keeping with TONI&GUY’s strict corporate design specifications. A video featuring music and images from TONI&GUY’s latest collection, PROJECT 10, plays in the background.

The site is designed to be both informative and accessible, capturing the essence of the company’s unique identity while fostering awareness of its products and services. It is crafted in direct response to Zheta International’s extensive research into what is most appropriate for their clients as well as the potential customers of the client and, in the case of TONI&GUY, students who are interested in pursuing a career in hairdressing.

TONI&GUY Malta’s Chairman and CEO Gordon Mayo this year celebrates forty years of hairdressing in Malta with the opening of the Malta’s first essensuals brand salon in his recently redesigned Gzira location. Mr Mayo says,

"Like the styling at TONI&GUY, which is always focused on an awareness of latest trends in hairdressing, we thought it was important to update and revamp our website to reflect current designs. Zheta International has delivered us a unique, pioneering web site that is undeniably on par with websites from other TONI&GUY sites from around the world. As with the design of our latest salon, we are pleased to have accessed excellent local talent to achieve international-standard results".

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