Zheta International Awards

Zheta International Awards

Zheta International Awards


Over the years Zheta International has continuously striven to provide top notch advanced websites for all of its clients.  Indeed, the numerous awards presented to the company over the years portray the company’s success in its endeavours. 

Employees working with Zheta International have worked diligently as a team to excel in all aspects of website development, be it design, content as well as efficiency in coding.  This strong sense of team-work is the key ingredient which has helped the company repeatedly achieve several prestigious awards.

Worth mentioning is the Satariano Website, meticulously developed by Zheta International.  The website’s unique design and elegance has been the winner of three different awards, one of them being the FWA award where no less than seventy percent voted the Satariano website as their favourite.  It’s interesting to note that the FWA website has registered a monthly audience of 3.67 million.

Moreover, among other distinguished awards, Zheta International’s own website has managed to win both the Perfect Vision Award as well as the CSS Design Award, both prominent awards which draw attention to the top quality standards which Zheta International continually aspires for.  In Jason Mallia’s own words, Managing Director at Zheta Internationl, “It’s worth noting that the numerous awards achieved by Zheta International all come from professional notorious websites thus strengthening the credibility of our achievements.”

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