Zheta International Testimonials

Zheta International Testimonials

Zheta International Testimonials


Word-of-mouth is undoubtedly one of the most effective marketing techniques out there, especially on such a small island like Malta. Indeed, one would more readily stand on another person’s recommendation about a product or service rather than any other form of paid promotional campaigns the company invests in.

Zheta International highly values its clients and their feedback, which has always been incredibly positive. Countless clients correspond with affirmative comments about Zheta International’s outstanding and timely service.  A quick look at the testimonials which are prominently displayed on our homepage is enough to get a feel of the high level of customer satisfaction. 

This positive feedback can be attributed to the unique approach which Zheta International adopts when dealing with all of its clients. First and foremost before starting a project, Zheta International seeks to fully understand the business needs of the company. Subsequently these needs are integrated with eye-catching designs. Likewise, the final end product never fails to exceed the client’s expectations. This feeling is supported by the numerous testimonials made by some of the most renowned companies on the island, as exhibited in the Testimonials section.

Several companies within our industry lack the professional approach and service that should be provided once the project is up and running.  With lack of continual support and maintenance, inputting of new data becomes extremely difficult. Consequently clients end up having static websites, which is not ideal if they want to repeatedly engage users to visit their site.  Here at Zheta International we take our clients seriously, we monitor their websites on a regular basis and hold periodical meetings with them so as to ensure the smooth running of things apart from keeping them up to date about new technologies emerging on the market. Our policy is to build a long term relationship with our clients so as to give them exceptional value for their money.  In fact, this is a shared feeling amongst all of our clients as evidenced by the numerous testimonials contributed by some of the most renowned companies on the island.

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