Zheta Upgrades Hosting Service

Zheta Upgrades Hosting Service

Zheta Upgrades Hosting Service


Zheta International today has upgraded its Web Hosting Service to their clientele.  All clients will benefit with Increased website loading times which will have a positive impact on search engine rankings.

Steven James McLean, Head of Development for Zheta International explains “Users will be motivated to view more on your website as we deliver faster content, this is important for clients and search engines. It is a known fact that when a website responds slowly visitors spend less time using it.”.

Quality Website Hosting plays an integral part in delivering websites today, particularly when streaming high definition images, audio and video. The new hosting service at Zheta International now offers 25mbps bandwidth.

“The most important thing you need from Web Hosting is peace of mind. Knowing that you're in control and your business website is safe and running as it should” says Jason Mallia, Managing Director for Zheta International.

Learn more about what Google Engineers have to say about how Fast Web Hosting affects Search Engine Rankings :


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