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Branding is one of the most important factors for a business. A strong brand increases the awareness of a company and establishes a solid base for building customer relationships, which contributes to the company’s continued growth and success. A company's branding identity can be considered the visual impression emitted onto the market.

At Zheta International we design and develop branding solutions which connect your business with your customers through the delivery of effective solutions. We create corporate identities through a combination of passion, creativity and commercial awareness together with a can-do attitude. By focusing on these qualities and adding our branding expertise to it, Zheta International is in a position to provide your business with a brand which turns consumers into customers. When creating a new identity we ensure that not only is it innovative, it is relevant to the company and product in question. Our aim is to bring to life a brand that grabs attention, retains interest and motivates purchases.

'People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates.'

- Thomas Szasz, 1973

Indeed, at Zheta International we believe that a website sheds light on the identity not only of your business but also of yourself as an individual. However, we do not limit ourselves to creating new corporate identities. Zheta International is experienced in creating rebranding solutions for established companies. When a brand has been firmly established yet needs to be refreshed, we create a partial rebranding so as not to eliminate the brand value that has developed over the years. The original corporate identity is tweaked to reflect the company’s image in the present day. We can take our own rebranding exercise as a fine example; see how Zheta International's identity changed here.

On the other hand, when a brand needs to establish itself with a totally fresh look we create a corporate identity which completely conveys novel imagery and meaning. A good example would be the rebranding of Peach and Sorrel which can be viewed here.

Zheta International looks forward to helping you in giving your brand a sharper creative edge that will boost and reinforce your image.

Headquartered on the Maltese Islands, Zheta International has sought to place itself above its competition by providing clients with Branding and Identity in Malta which offers a true return on investment. Our aim is to improve businesses by achieving their goals through innovative branding and communications, intelligent information design, and a user-centered approach to product and service development.

View our extensive Branding Portfolio. 



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