Multimedia & Interactivity

Zheta International's extensive portfolio of work is not only restricted to website design and development. Our varied portfolio of clients also includes several multimedia projects for various events and promotions. Our expertise in this field ensures that we deliver to our client’s exact requirements, providing an innovation in multimedia with every project we are given.

Our multimedia projects have been created and adapted for a wide variety of platforms, including HTML5 and Flash as well as animations and promotions for television advertisements and online promotions. We have so far completed multimedia projects for hotels and self-catering, food and beverage, investments and management and various music events across the Maltese Islands.

Multimedia elements provide a diverse web experience for visitors. The multimedia elements we have used in our websites include animations, flash elements, interactive galleries as well as the integration of videos and music, all creating an enriched user experience.

Headquartered on the Maltese Islands, Zheta International has sought to place itself above its competition by providing clients with Multimedia and Interactivity in Malta which offers a true return on investment. Our aim is to improve businesses by achieving their goals through innovative branding and communications, intelligent information design, and a user-centered approach to product and service development. 

View our Multimedia Portfolio here. 



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