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Responsive website design was originally conceived back in 2004, however the term ‘responsive web design’ was not coined until 2010. Responsive web design is a design approach with the emphasis on creating websites to provide an optimal viewing experience across the widest possible range of devices. From mobiles to laptops, desktops and tablet PCs, responsive web design ensures easy reading, resizing and navigation for the user, without the need to design a separate smartphone or tablet application.

Responsive design allows websites to adapt their layout to suit the viewing environment using flexible images, proportion-based grids using percentages instead of absolute units and CSS3 media queries, which allow the website to use different CSS rules based upon the character of the device it is displaying on (most commonly the browser width).

Zheta International believe in the flexibility and fluidity that a responsive website gives not only to the client but to the end user. We work closely with our clients to create a layout that suits their business needs whilst being adaptable to the ever-expanding list of web browsing devices. Creating a responsive website supports a consistent layout and fluidity across all devices, whilst at the same time allowing clients to manage one website through one central CMS, without having to amend content or images for multiple devices.

Headquartered on the Maltese Islands, Zheta International has sought to place itself above its competition by providing clients with Responsive Website Designs in Malta which offers a true return on investment. Our aim is to improve businesses by achieving their goals through innovative branding and communications, intelligent information design and a user-centered approach to product and service development.

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