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Zheta International values and recommends a high level of interaction between clients and their customers, as this constant relationship and feedback ensures excellent long-term results. The popularity of social media is becoming a landmark step in the history of the internet and today businesses all over the world are seeing social media as a crucial marketing tool. For this reason, Facebook Applications are an innovative way to increase interaction with users in a way that is far more engaging than simple one-on-one feedback.

The customer is no longer just a consumer but also a friend. Through Facebook Applications, relationships are built and upheld on customer engagement as the applications make the customer aware of exactly what a website has to offer from the comfort of their social network profile. A vastly wider audience is made available at the click of a button as news feeds and updates circulate through comments, ‘likes’ and shares. Other non-users can also receive updates, which will encourage them to search further into the company.

Our Facebook Applications are built with specifics, functionality and user-friendliness in mind. Our Applications portray the websites in their truest form, with an emphasis on social interaction. Apart from this we stress that our Facebook Applications are not simply there for users to visit once: these Applications are an effective solution to engaging user traffic onto your website long-term. Users can share products, discuss items and post their own thoughts, all increasing the social circle and personal affiliation within a brand or company. Through this sharing process, users become trustworthy of the brand and are then comfortable enough to become paying customers.

It is of vital importance that these Facebook Applications are regularly updated through our central CMS (Content Management System), to maintain their circulation within Facebook circles and strengthen the close bond between users and businesses as well as providing the most up to date information possible. Through a social network, a website has an extended avenue from which to gain customers, leads and sales. We at Zheta International understand the demands of your individual business and will match them and market them accordingly, depending on the type of business and the products and services offered.

Our Sales and Marketing Manager believes that “Social networking today is an inexhaustible tool. Our Facebook Applications provide a whole new level of client customer relations and provide our clients with an innovative edge over their competitors, allowing their clients to feel a part of the company. Facebook Applications work like mini-websites, giving users a taste of the complete project, within the comfort and familiarity of the social network.”

Headquartered on the Maltese Islands, Zheta International has sought to place itself above its competition by providing clients with Facebook Applications in Malta which offers a true return on investment. Our aim is to improve businesses by achieving their goals through innovative branding and communications, intelligent information design, and a user-centered approach to product and service development.

View our Facebook Applications Portfolio here.  



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