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Ever since the introduction of ecommerce websites the internet has been flooded with numerous companies taking their businesses online.  Indeed, thanks to our innovative ecommerce solutions several businesses have flourished, yielding more sales than they previously deemed possible.  The idea of buying from ecommerce websites has also become widespread with people preferring to make purchases from the comfort of their own homes rather than fighting traffic and weather elements to go out shopping.  Pondering on this reality it’s easy to see that not having an ecommerce solution puts your competitors at an advantage, and as the years progress you will likely experience a decline in profits.

Developing an ecommerce solution should be a well thought out process.  First impressions are important and thus by launching your ecommerce system in the right way you are investing in long time benefits.  Hereunder are a few simple guidelines written with the aim of helping you to make a wise decision when coming to adopt an ecommerce solution.

Ecommerce Web Design

At Zheta International we put emphasis on design since we are aware that visitors are more likely to return to ecommerce sites that are pleasing to the eye as well as easy to navigate.  Professional planning of your ecommerce solution's layout ensures that such targets are achieved. Indeed, the secret in this rapidly growing ecommerce sector is to engage people to revisit your website, thus an impeccable design is indispensable.

Setting up a Domain Name

On the same wavelength that before you start a business, you should first buy the premises, before setting up an ecommerce solution you should first and foremost acquire a domain name. In essence, the domain name provides you with a unique web address for your ecommerce shop, where online users can browse through your stock.  We can help you choose the right domain and also perform domain availability checks as well as other managerial duties required.  As a rule of thumb we suggest a domain that is as easy to remember as possible.  Including a product name in the actual domain name, would also give your website a boost when it comes to SEO, since your website would rank higher up in the search results for the particular keyword.

Ecommerce Web Hosting

When setting up an ecommerce website, you could take care of the web hosting yourself it is not a highly recommended practice. Instead, it is preferable to choose a trusted web hosting company which can take care of your ecommerce hosting.  Likewise, you will be able to receive constant support should you need it.  There is a variety of online web hosting packages that one could choose from.  Your pick would depend on the amount of bandwidth, space, as well as other services which you would like to have included in your ecommerce package.  At Zheta International we provide trusted web hosting packages as well as constant support to all of our clients.

Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Having an ecommerce website but not allowing users to add things to their shopping cart would defy the purpose of implementing an ecommerce system in the first place.  The ecommerce shopping cart provides you with features such as customer order management, product delivery and an up-to-date record of your accounts. Here at Zheta International we also handle the shopping cart feature whereby our team of dedicated developers implement a shopping cart system which meets the client’s needs.  

In this era of rapid technological change it is evident that having an ecommerce solution is no longer merely a choice, but rather a requirement needed to survive in the contemporary economical market.

Headquartered on the Maltese Islands, Zheta International has sought to place itself above its competition by providing clients with Ecommerce Solutions in Malta which offers a true return on investment. Our aim is to improve businesses by achieving their goals through innovative branding and communications, intelligent information design, and a user-centered approach to product and service development.

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