Product Packaging

The concept of branding Greens was to create a distinctive product and distinguish the supermarket from other competitors. The simplicity of this identity reflects the name of the supermarket. Zheta International was responsible for the Greens' identity and web concept as well as the re-design of their packaging.

Zheta International also recently completed the branding, restaurant and menu designs for The Greenhouse, the new bistro, cafeteria and pizzeria opened above the supermarket.

The website will be launched soon.

Zheta International boasts of the creation and design of a modern identity for Peach & Sorrel, these being local agents for the internationally renowned OPI, a leading brand in the beauty industry. A stylish design of perfume boxes were also created.

Zheta International is proud to have been involved in the creation of a brand new interactive website for The Avenue, one of Malta\'s favourite restaurants. Recently, Zheta International has created a brand new online menu and delivery service for this esteemed company, and is working continously on rebranding, from menu designs to vehicle wrapping, promotional material including a TV Advert and even a mobile version website.

Read about the rebranding project here

Zheta International is currently in the process of rebranding Dentrade, wines and spirits and vending in Malta.

Zheta International is also responsible a brand new website design.

Zheta International had already been entrusted with the creation of a complete web solution for their esteemed clients Hotel Valentina. Now, this charming boutique hotel in St. Julian's, Malta is undergoing expansion, and Zheta International has once again been given the privelige of the vast rebranding project, including stationery, logo design, print designs and more.

The rebranding included experimenting with all products and print designs, from room keys and cards to bags, brochures, stickers and luggage tags.

Zheta International also created two promotional DVDs for the Hotel: Version 1 Version 2

Zheta International is responsible for the new identity of Fornaio Bakery, as well as a new advanced website design concept.

Zheta International was responsible for the creation of a brand new corporate identity for it-Torri restaurant as well as business cards, uniform design concept, packaging and an upcoming menu design.

Zheta International has created a brand new identity and packaging concept for Casacada, Swiss made skin care, hair and beauty products.