MODX Meetup Held in Malta

This year’s annual MODX Meetup, a meeting of MODX developers, designers and enthusiasts from across the world, took place in the Mediterranean for the first time.

Held in Malta from the 12th to 14th May, the MODX meetup was a unique opportunity for likeminded people to get together to collaborate on user experience improvements to the content management system. The meetup included notable members of the MODX community, including the heads of Sterc, a Netherland’s based internet and marketing company, as well as Zheta International’s Studio Manager Steven James Mclean, who is Malta’s MODX community frontrunner.

This year’s meetup was destined to be different, aside from the sun, sea and sand that the beautiful island of Malta has to offer. The meetup was held at the Hotel Valentina and the attendees included ten students from the NHL University of Applied Sciences, Communication and Multimedia Design who were spending a study week in Malta.

The scope behind this year’s meetup was to determine a style of interface that fits to all needs and that is friendly for all kinds of users. Prizes were up for grabs for the best prototype designs. The full day’s events consisted of an introduction by Steven James Mclean and Gauke Pieter of Sterc, with the participants then forming groups and being assigned a user experience related task. The events and ideas shared included a Hackathon, creating Bootstrap templates and making a lot of new discoveries.

The weekend ended with a barbecue at Golden Bay, giving all participants a chance to mingle, get to know one another and to share creative insights in a casual and fun atmosphere.

Here is a list of the key notes taken from the event:


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