Caruana & Cini's New Online Presence

For over four decades the name Caruana & Cini Ltd has been synonymous with statement home furniture pieces and interiors in Gozo, Malta. Since Anthony Caruana and Eucharist Cini founded the company in Victoria in 1972, the company has gone from strength to strength, a long way from its humble beginnings as a domestic appliances store.

In 2016, the company felt that the time had come to engage with an online audience and to increase their business reach both in Gozo, Malta and in the international market. With the design and development of the new website, Zheta International knew what they wanted to achieve; a website that was fresh, friendly, and instantly recognisable to its customers.

The new fully-responsive website launched in May allows potential customers to browse through product collections with ease, refining their results with handy filters not dissimilar to an online shop. The whole website was designed to facilitate ease of use, whilst giving customers easy access to all the information they require, and an effortless way to engage with the company, through enquiring for products directly, to social sharing and sending to a friend.

Caruana & Cini’s new web presence is set to expand in the near future, with a Blog, Projects section and a stand-alone website for the hardware store; a rapidly expanding sector for the company.

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